AI For Newbies: How to use artificial intelligence for the average humanfrom the founders of GAIM.AI

An AI book even
I can understand.

Finally! There's a book that teaches AI for non-technical beginners. 

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The first all-in-one AI Guide  made for true beginners.

This book is
perfect for:

Beginners seeking a friendly introduction to artificial intelligence
Curious minds eager to explore AI's potential
Creatives looking to blend AI with art and design
Entrepreneurs aiming to leverage AI in their ventures
Educators and students wanting to enhance learning with AI

“We wrote this book to break down the technical barriers that have, up until now, prevented so many non-techie people from learning and embracing AI.”

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imageZach Crain

“The perfect blend of insight and inspiration. This book is the bridge from curiosity to mastery in AI.”


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193 Pages

packed with practical guidance.

Zero Knowledge

required to learn with this book.

1000+ Prompts

at your fingertips with bonus access.

This easy-to-follow guide is your key to unlocking the vibrant world of AI, teaching you everything from mastering chatbots to unleashing creativity with AI image generators.

Along the journey, you'll also become fluent in essential AI terminology and explore a plethora of transformative skills and insights.

Paperback: $17.96 | Kindle: $9.99 | Hardcover: $22.66

It's so much more than just a book...

How to use AI chatbots
How to use AI image generators
How to use AI to learn new skills
How to write proper chat and image prompts
Real-world use case examples
Step-by-step guides to follow
Ready-made prompts to copy and use
Glossary of AI terms and FAQs
Exclusive bonus content worth thousands!


Learn the history of AI with a brief, simple overview of how we got here.


'Talk Nerdy to Me' sections take a look at the more technical aspects.


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Don't wait another day to start your AI journey!

imagePaperback: $17.96 | Kindle: $9.99 | Hardcover: $22.66

Frequently asked questions

What is "AI for Newbies" about?

"AI for Newbies" is a beginner-friendly guide designed to introduce readers to the exciting world of artificial intelligence. It covers everything from basic AI concepts and terminology to hands-on tutorials on using chatbots and AI image generators.

Do I need any prior knowledge of AI before reading this book?

Absolutely not! This book is crafted specifically for beginners. It assumes zero prior knowledge and guides you through the basics of AI in an easy-to-understand manner.

Can I really learn how to use AI tools by reading this book?

Yes! "AI for Newbies" includes step-by-step instructions and examples to help you get hands-on experience with AI tools. By the end, you'll be able to navigate and use different AI applications with confidence.

How can I access my free bonus items?

Once you have your copy of the book, inside you will find a link to gain exclusive access to The Prompt Vault. This link will also provide you the secret redemption code to claim your free GAIM.AI credits.

Does the book include discussions on the ethical implications of AI?

Ethical considerations are an essential part of understanding AI. The book touches on the importance of ethics in AI development and application, aiming to raise awareness and promote responsible AI use.

Will reading this book prepare me for a career in AI?

While "AI for Newbies" lays a solid foundation in understanding AI, pursuing a career in AI may require further study and hands-on experience in specific areas of interest within AI.